Cosmetics & Home Care Ingredients 2017 at Istanbul Expo Center

Cosmetics & Home Care Ingredients 2017

Cosmetics & Home Care Ingredients will be gathering the leading companies of Cosmetics, PersonalCare, Detergent and Home Care Ingredients, Raw Materials and Technologies Industry together for the 3rd time between 9 -11 November 2017.
While the growth of Cosmetics, PersonalCare, Detergent & Home CareIndustry has been narrowing down in the World since 2013, In the Turkish Market, the industry has been rapidly growing progressively for the past 3 years. With the geographical advantages of Turkey in terms of being close to Iran, and the Middle East Countries, Turkish Manufacturers have been seeking opportunities to develop business relationships with the companies in this region.
CHCI 2015 Facts & Figures
Cosmetics & Home Care Ingredients 2015 which took place at Istanbul Expo Center’s Hall 11 featured 71 direct exhibitors from 12 countries and 209 company and company representatives from 27 countries. The exhibition attracted 2,565 industry professionals which included 412 international visitors from 2 different countries for 3 days. The exhibition helped the exhibitors to establish important business connections and satisfied the exhibitors with the quality of the visitors.
CHCI 2015 Workshop / Presentation Event
Cosmetics & Home Care Ingredients 2015 also featured a Workshop / Presentation event for 3 days which included 26 presentations for 3 days.
Company representatives and academicians from Arkem Kimya, Azelis, BASF, Brenntag, Coptis, Cosming Laboratuvar, Ege University, Ejder Kimya, Hacettepe University, Ingeniatrics, Kemiropa, M.G. Gülçiçek, MuğlaSıtkıKoçman University, NSI Cosmetics, OmyaMadencilik, Pim Group, Reachin Chemical, Surya and Yeditepe University informed the visitors about the latest developements, products and formulations.
Live Cosmetics & Home Care Final Products Show Case
Cosmetics & Home Care Ingredients 2015 brought together the companies who supply the raw materials and ingredients which are used to manufacture the cosmetics, personal care, detergents and home care products. The exhibition also hosted a show case area for the products that are manufactured with these ingredients. More than 50 local companies who manufacture final cosmetics and home care products had a chance to display items in the show case.
Life Sciences Ingredients presents satisfactory activity program this year!
Life SciencesIngredientspresentsimpressiveactivity program withtheparticipation of exhibitorcompaniestoprovideeffectiveandefficientfairatmosphereforbothexhibitorandvisitorcompanies. Theexhibition is targetingtomaximizeyourefficiencyfromtheexhibitionwiththeinnovation, R&D, workshop andlabareas in theexhibtion.
Life SciencesIngredients, whichwillbringtogetherCosmetics& Home CareIngredients 2017, Pharmaist 2017 andFood&NutritionalIngredients 2017 Exhibitionsunderthesameroof, willhostInnovationCornerwhereexhibitors can find an opportunitytopresenttheirinnovaitveproductsdeveloped in therecentyears.
The Scent Atelier:
Cosmetics & Home Care Ingredients 2017 will be hosting the The Scent Atelier workshops. Workshops will take place on November 9th and November 10th, 2017 at the Scent Atelier Stand and give the exhibitor companies to perform fragrance testing sessions with maximum of 12 people and inform the visitors of the techniques of perfume making.
Product Formulation:
Cosmetics & Home Care Ingredients Exhibition 2017 will host a Product Formulation area where raw materials manufacturers and suppliers can demonstrate the application areas of the raw materials found in their product range.
Raw material producers and suppliers will get the chance to inform the visitors who are the end product producers about the prototypes that can be produced with their products. The firm official or the laborer who prepares the formulation will be able to show prototypes of their own manufacturers practically here.
Lab Testing Zone:
Life Sciences Ingredients 2017, which brings together Cosmetics & Home Care Ingredients, Pharmaist and Food & Nutritional Ingredients Exhibitions, will be featuring a special area named Lab &Testing Zone Lab &Testing Zone for laboratory companies and accredited companies. . Lab & Testing Zone Area will bring together laboratory device &equipments companies, cosmetics analyses companies, other life sciences laboratory analyses companies, cosmetics safety assesments companies, and other training and consulting companies.
Guest City Isparta:
With its rich and deep-rooted history, Isparta is one of the most important cities in the Mediterranean Region. Isparta is famous with its worldly renowned roses. Isparta which is on the first rank in the world with 65% capacity of manufacturing Rose Oil will be the guest city of Cosmetics & Home Care Ingredients which will be held between 9 – 11 November 2017. Rose whose homeland is Central Asia has reached the whole world through trade route is irreplaceable flower with its scent, medical value and nourishment feature and it had been an inspiration to myths in history.

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