Leading Exhibition of Paint & Paint Raw Materials Industry: Paintistanbul & Turkcoat.

Paintistanbul & Turkcoat

Paintistanbul&Turkcoat 2016 has exceededthenumber of exhibitorsandvisitorsreached in thepreviousyearswithrecordattendanceandcontinuestogrowwiththesupportfromtheindustryandthecooperationbetweenTheAssociation of Turkish Paint Industry (BOSAD) and Artkim Fuarcılık.

“7th International Paint, Paint RawMaterials, Construction Chemicals, AdhesivesandRawMaterials, Laboratoryand Production EquipmentsExhibition” Paintistanbul&Turkcoat 2018 will be heldbetween 22-24 March 2018 in 9-10-11 and 12 Halls of Istanbul Expo Center in ordertobringtogethertheleadingcompanies of Paint and Paint RawMaterialsIndustry.
The Association of Turkish Paint Industry (BOSAD) and Artkim Fuarcılık have announced that Turkey’s two leading Paint and Coatings Exhibitions Paintistanbul and Turkcoat Coatings Show Eurasia will be uniting as one single event with the motto of “Power of Unity” in 2014.
With the synergy arising from this merger and the high level of response and support from the industry, Paintistanbul&Turkcoat 2016, has exceeded the total sqm sales that each exhibition has accomplished in the past years and already secured its place as the largest and most comprehensive Paint and Coatings Exhibition in Eurasia and the Middle East. It is expected to attract more intensive attention in 2018 than 2016 and to become the meeting point of sector professionals all around the world.
Paint Industry’s Investment Base: Turkey
Turkish paint industry which is currently Europe’s fifth largest paint manufacturer in terms of production capacity, is growing parallel with global markets and contributing to the Turkish Economy and chemical industry. One of the main aims of Paintistanbul&Turkcoat Exhibition and Congress is to introduce the Turkish Paint Industry to the world and to consolidate the position of Turkey in the global market where competition conditions are increasing day by day. In this context, Paintistanbul&Turkcoat Exhibition which will gather producers of all scales, is listed among the most extensive paint and raw materials events of the region on the international platform.
Eastern Europe and Middle East’s Rising Star: İstanbul
With a trade center attribute for more than 3,000 and a population of more than 15 million, Istanbul is one of the most important capitals in the region and the world with highly important Geopolitical and Commercial features. Paintistanbul&Turkcoatwhich will be taking place with international attendance, is a great platform for the growing paint and raw materials market. Exhibiting companies will have the opportunity to display their newest products and technologies to the wide range of international visitors and establish strong business connections. Inthis sense, Paintistanbul&Turkcoatwill form a bridge between the manufacturer and the potential buyer.
Paintistanbul&Turkcoat 2016 Exhibition and Congress Statistics
Paintistanbul&Turkcoat 2016 brought together 218 direct exhibitors from 50 countries and 759 represented companies under the same roof. The exhibition also hosted major companies from Germany, USA, Belgium, China, India, Holland, Italy, England, Iran, Spain, Switzerland, Lebanon, Malaysia, Ukraine and many others from around the world. 6,265 industry professionals from 51 different countries including Azerbaijan, Bahrain, United Arab Emirates, Bulgaria, Algeria, Georgia, Iraq, Iran, Egypt, Romania, Turkmenistan and Jordan visited to Paintistanbul&Turkcoat 2016 Exhibition for 3 days.
Paintistanbul&Turkcoat 2016 Congress featured 26 parallel presentations, 2 opening presentations, 4 paint school courses, 12 poster presentations and in total 44 presentations. The congress attracted 352 delegates for 2 days.
The Meeting Point for Paint Industry and Academia: Paintistanbul&Turkcoat 2018 Congress
Paint Congress started in 1995 by the Chamber of Chemical Engineers, has been organized biannually by The Association of Turkish Paint Industry (Bosad) with an extended content between 2010 – 2014 under the name of Paintistanbul Congress. As of 2016, the congress was started to be jointly organized by the collaboration of BOSAD and Artkim with a change in the name as Paintistanbul&Turkcoat 2018. In years, it became an international platform where several studies in all scientific and technical aspects related to paint technology are discussed.

Besides the presentations delivered orally or in the poster form, “Paint Schools” focusing on subjects demanded by paint sector are also organized during the congress. A similar activity is planned also in 2018 congress whereby reputable specialists will teach interested participants from paint sector on different topics to be announced in coming months.

Paintistanbul&Turkcoat 2018 Workshop / Presentation Event
Paint & Coatings Industry’s Meeting Point Paintistanbul&Turkcoat will be hosting a Workshop / Presentation Event in the Workshop Area. Exhibitor Companies and Universities will have a chance to give Commercial and Technical Presentations for 3 days.
Exhibiting Companies will have the opportunity to give 30 min presentations about their products and Technologies.
Paintistanbul&Turkcoat 2018 is Calling you for the Meeting of Colors in İstanbul..
We will be honored to have all industry members at the largest Paint and Coatings Event of Eurasia.